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Welcome to our ASC 842 Countdown!

Join us every month until January 2022 for tips and guidance on how to prepare

your lease accounting team for ASC 842.

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⏳ July Focus

How to Find All of Your Leases

Most companies are not starting their ASC 842 implementation journey with a centralized location of all relevant leasing information. Therefore, accounting teams must hunt to collect all the data from various teams, records, and systems across the business, and manually assess whether a contract meets the definition of a lease.

 🗓️ Lease Accounting Education

June Focus

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Getting started with ASC 842

  • This ASC 842 checklist helps your finance and accounting teams prepare for the new lease accounting standards
  • Understand the updated definition of a lease

July Focus:

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How to find all of your leases

  • Review a list of the past twelve months of disbursements to identify patterns
  • Compare work done company maintenance records to your list of leased equipment assets

Coming in August:

July_ Policy and Procedures
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How to develop lease accounting policies

  • Understand practical expedients available upon transition
  • Determine leased asset classes, if applicable
  • Elect ASC 842 practical expedients

Coming in September:

August_ Organize Lease Abstracts
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How to organize and abstract leases

  • Determine who plays a critical role in the lease life cycle
  • Determine where critical lease information will be stored
  • Determine who will perform lease abstraction


Coming in October:

September_ Disclosure Report
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How to prepare for additional ASC 842 disclosure requirements

  • Understand requirements for qualitative disclosures
  • Disclose information about the nature of the leases (& subleases)
  • Disclose information about significant assumptions made in accounting for leases

Coming in November:

October_ Sustainable Process
Coming Soon

How to build a sustainable ASC 842 lease accounting process

  • Interview key employees involved in the lease accounting process
  • Understand how data utilized in the lease accounting process is complete and accurate including critical lease information

Coming in December:

November_ Journal Entries
Coming Soon

How to prepare for the ASC 842 transition journal entries

  • Determine the lease term, if hindsight practical expedient is selected
  • Calculate the present value of the lease liability
  • Determine the discount rate as of ASC 842 Effective Date

Coming in January:

December_ Leverage Technology
Coming Soon

How to leverage technology to assist in you transition

  • Consider if software is right for you business needs.
  • Analyze the automation and reporting functionality of software solutions.
  • Create a centralized location for your businesses leased assets

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